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Welcome to Raka RAPerz ElephantDead Blog

Welcome to Raka RAPerz ElephantDead Blog

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Contoh Recount Text Tema Liburan

When I was in eighth grade. SMP Negeri 1 Pati held a Study Tour to Jakarta and Bandung. Study Tour Followed by graders eighth Ato eight H. And I was in grade eighth B.
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 is the beginning of a study tour. At two o'clock all the students had already arrived at the school to get direction from the teacher. Once everything is ready, I was riding the bus and another bus to leave immediately. After a two-hour journey from Pati to Kendal, I finally arrived at the Salsabil`s restaurant for dinner. After dinner we went on a trip to Jakarta.
 About four in the morning, I arrived at the Asrama Haji, South Jakarta, which is used as a place to stay us. After take a bath and breakfast, We left the first location not far from where we stay, the Monumen Pancasila Sakti. There are holes that are used by PKI to kill the generals and Museum Pengkhianatan PKI contains a diorama diorama-time events G30S/PKI.

The second location is TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). This place has a lot of traditional houses from all over Indonesia.
Then we go to Dufan. In Dufan (World Fantasy) there are many games that I can ride and my friends ride. Starting from the usual rides up the challenge was there. Abot four in the afternoon we finished the day and return to the lodge for tomorrow have to go to Bandung.
The next day, we eagerly went to Bandung. In Bandung we will visit three Tourist Object, namely Tangkuban Perahu, Asian-African Conference Museum, and Cibaduyut.
Tangkuban Perahu is a famous mountain with Sangkuriang legendary story. I can see a beautiful view of the edge of the crater, although the cold and foul smell is felt there.
The next trip to the Museum of Asia and Africa. Africa Asia Museum's historic places because this place was used for Asian-African Conference. And in a third location, exactly in Cibaduyut, the famous shopping places in Bandung.
When finished having fun in Bandung, we had to go Pati. We came back with a million memories and hope to get there again.


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