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Welcome to Raka RAPerz ElephantDead Blog

Welcome to Raka RAPerz ElephantDead Blog

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fungsi, Bentuk, dan Contoh EXPRESSING PREFERENCES (English is Easy and Fun)


I like reading betterthan writing

1.    To talk about general preferences
2.   To talk about specific preferences
1. Prefer


• Prefer + to infinitive
• Prefer + nouns + to + nouns
• Prefer + V-ing + to + V-ing


• They prefer to stay home
• My mother prefers lemon to orange juice
• She prefers swimming to dancing

2. would rather


• Would rather + bare infinitives
• Would rather + bare infinitives + than + bare infinitives
• Would rather + bare infinitives + nouns + than + bare infinitives + nouns

• I would rather study now
• She would rather stay home than go shopping
• You'd rather speak English than French

3. Would prefer to


• Would prefer + to infinitives + rather than + bare infinitives
• Would prefer + to infinitives + nouns + rather than + bare infinitives + nouns

• They would prefer to sing rather than dance.
• You'd prefer to play ball rather than take a sleep.

4. Like


• Like + nouns / V-ing + better than + nouns / V-ing


• I like singing a song better than playing a guitar
• I like coffee better than tea.

Choose A, B, C, or D as the best answer.
1. She ....... bread ....... rice for breakfast every morning.
a. Prefers – than
b. Prefers – to
c. Prefer – to
d. Prefer – rather than
2. Antonio ..............
a. Prefer listening to the radio to watching television
b. Prefers playing tennis to play badminton on Sundays
c. Prefers reading books to watching televisions on Sundays
d. Like swimming to go jogging on Sundays
3. We sometimes ........ go to the teathre ......... stay at home at the weekends.
a. Prefer to – rather than to
b. Prefer – than to
c. Prefer to – rather to
d. Prefer to – to
4. She prefers sleeping ............. television.
a. To watch
b. Watch
c. Watching
d. To watching
5. My father .......... read magazines ........... read novels.
a. Would prefer to – rather than
b. Would prefer – rather
c. Would prefer – rather to
d. Prefer – to

6. My little brother prefers to watch television ........
a. Rather to read magazines
b. Rather than listening to the radio
c. Rather than read scientific books
d. To read comics
7. He loves mangoes but I ........
a. Like oranges to apple
b. Like bananas better tahn mangoes
c. Like bananas than apples
d. Like oranges rather to eat apples
8. Ratih .......... than go to the cinema.
a. Would watch television at home
b. Would prefer to watch television at home
c. Would go to the cinema with me
d. Would rather go to the music concert with me
9. He would prefer to rather than ..........
a. Walk
b. To walk
c. Walking
d. Walks
10. He prefers swimming to .........
a. Walk
b. Sleep
c. Jogging
d. Run


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